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Wholesale slices, muffins & cakes your cafe needs!

It is almost impossible for cafe owners to try each of their products before selling them. They need to be confident in what they're buying and selling, and remain confident, that quality will not vary from order to order.

From a customer survey we've recently concluded, approximately 77% of business owners have never tried their products in their cafes. That means out of 100 cafes, only 23 cafe owners know what they're selling. Imagine walking blindly!

We take pride in our products. Our team members love to take products home - which tells you something! There are no short cuts in what we do, we use premium quality ingredients and we provide best customer service. We want to see you succeed!

Get in touch with our team to see how you can try our premium slices or muffins or desserts!

Call us at 0450 863 434 or email us at

We deliver across Melbourne 6 days a week and 100% of regional Victoria at least twice a week! Go direct with us and taste the difference.

Get Cayked!

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